Best way to develop a theme when working remotely

So I have just started to work and learn with Magento 2 and I followed the guide and hosting a Magento 2 installation online on Digitalocean :slight_smile: Works like a charm and much easier to setup than the local one. But how do you guys develop a theme? Is there a way I can have these files locally on my Mac and with every save it will be updated online?? I am used to hot reloading etc and having a hard time right now figuring out how to have a good workflow.

Hi @DennisKr and welcome.

So, I use a an IDE application called PhpStorm. It’s very popular among developers. I use is loads to Push/Pull code changes to development servers. You should definitely do some research on this tool. It’s got built-in features likes:

  • It’s an IDE (obviously)
  • Database Browsing
  • FTP
  • SSH Client

So it saves me having different applications open all at once. There’s a lot to it, kinda like Adobe PhotoShop.

I still don’t know what 80% of the buttons and setting do :man_shrugging: But the things I do use, definitely help me out. I’ve been using it for maybe 4 years now. I’ve seen others in the forum use it too.


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