Best way to have a forum on magento with single sign on

Dear community members,

I have mostly been able to find almost any extension required for magento but I have hit a roadblock when it comes to having a community forum for the members/registered costumers.

Does anyone have any experience with a forum within a magento instance which can have a fair degree of integration.
Google should treat the forum site and store as one thus enhancing ur seo (due to relevant forum posts added by memebers)

I would be delighted to hear anything .

You’re right. There isn’t really anything out there. Although, it’s important to remember that Magento is designed to be a shop as opposed to an all-on-one piece of kit. Like MS Word is designed to create document whilst MS PowerPoint is designed to create presentations.

You might want to explore using something like Wordpress/BBPress within a subfolder like This way you can run your second CMS inside a subdirectory whilst still receiving the SEO benefits of having it all contained with one domain name.

Hello @digitalstartup,

Thanks for ur reply and suggestions.
I actually was wondering if one can achieve integration with discourse within a magento subfolder with single sign on and upgrades of both magento and discourse easily(without bugs). The problem here I guess is that magento and discourse use different data and cache programmes so it’s looking like a difficult task.

And if discourse is not feasible then maybe I will go for phpbb is also a good option ,if these are not possible then I ll go for wordpress integration.
What I want is the ability to have a single sign on and ability to upgrade both (magento and forum) without much hassle.

What is your suggestion finally.?

And @digitalstartup wish you a very happy birthday Craig… :slight_smile: thanks a lot for starting this community and taking initiative to answer all the questions for us.
I have learnt a lot from ur videos and ur forum and wish to thank you for all of it , and what better day than a birthday to thank. So took this opportunity.

I looked at that too when I wanted to run Discourse inside or my old Wordpress subdirectory. It can be done, but looks like a lot of hassle - So, I never bothered (I have enough on my plate). Over the year of so using Discourse, I’ve found their community to be super-helpful. So, you might find some good answers over there.

If you want a seamless sign-in integration between Magento and Discourse using SSO then I imagine you’d have to build some sort of API (perhaps) to communicate between the 2 platforms. But that’s over my head.

Thank you. I will definitely be returning with more videos this year (so much planned) - Which will in turn help grow this community. Since May/June my health took a bit of a turn and so had to deal with that. I’m feeling more like myself now, but struggling to balance everything right now so something had to give.

Anyway, if you go down the Discourse route, keep me posted on how you get on.

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