Best way to update categories (backend) order

Hi again,

Whats the best way to update Magentos category order after I alphabetise? Granted I understand its better to have my categories in place before I upload my products but my categories are quite complex and I have to drop in new ones here and there. I can manually move them around in the category section. But it doesn’t update (backend) when im organising a product into categories as it will be still there in the same place where It got dropped orginally, which is becoming a bit a pain trying to work out where it is.

Im guessing its still running off the original category ID position, so can I force Magento into refreshing its category tree? (i think thats what you would call it?)

Hope this makes sense

I found this today anyone had any experience using it? I think its what im looking for?

I’ve been working on the a bespoke copy of Magento for so long, I can’t remember the default behaviour :slight_smile: But I will have a look when I have a spare hour.

Whenever you change anything to do with Products/Categories, always be sure to check your changes by:

  1. Reindexing your tables (How to reindex Magento 2 manually)
  2. Clearing your Full Page Cache (bin/magento cache:clean full_page)

As for mag-manager, I’ve stumped across their site before but I know nothing about who they are or what they actually do.

Bespoke? that sounds nice. Ok thank you, ill look at tutorial, its probably all i’ll need. If i go any futher with Mag-Manager ill let you know what its all about.