Blank page when creating a simple product

I have an instance in lightsail that after so much configuration it was the moment to start importing products. am telling you everything else worked right.

all the sudden I click import products and I get the Please wait… of death No errors on the chrome console.
then I create a virtual product it gets created fine but if I click add product or select simple product the site turns blank. No errors on the chrome console, nothing just blank. I click go back in the browser and everything keeps working fine.

and if I click export products I get another error. Please correct the data sent value.

Help! this is weird

In my experience a blank page is usually a server-side issue. So, it’s logical to assume it’s PHP related. You should find some goods leads to follow in:

  1. Magento error logs
  2. Apache error logs

If you can’t be bothered to look through logs then putting your store in Developer Mode should display the error directly in the browser. Not recommended for Production environments.

bro look at this. Instead of spending more time trying to find out what was going on I restored the earliest version backup in a new instance.
Been carefully documenting all I install and modify. There is no theme installed.
Today I installed various mageplaza free extensions and disabled the partners modules you recommend to do and even I made you a comment about that before.
So during the day I realize the dam products are again showing blank page. My first thought was “those dam free extensions”. but then I remember the products were working fine today.

So I started restoring one by one the partners modules… Temando_Shipping.
for some reason that one disable my products page. I enabled it in my 2 instances and they both return functionality.

WHY? idk because it can be disable perfectly from the cli, do not show dependencies.

I was able to reproduce this error by disabling Temando_Shipping

Apache Log Output

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Cannot instantiate interface Temando\\Shipping\\Model\\ResourceModel\\Repository\\PackagingRepositoryInterface in /var/www/html/vendor/magento/framework/ObjectManager/Factory/Dynamic/Developer.php:50

Looks like an oversight from Magento due to either:

  • They unintentionally created a dependency for Temando_Shipping
  • They intentionally created a dependency for Temando_Shipping but forgot to update composer.json in the module

I’ve logged the bug on GitHub: Disabling Temando_Shipping results in PHP Fatal Error