Can not add New User on phpmyadmin

Hi am unable to add a new user to phpmyadmin as there is no add new user tab. Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Hi @Dips_Patel.

You can create new user on phpMyAdmin only with super user, e.g root.

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Thanks for your response. I am logging in as root. But it shows my root user has no password. May this be a reason?

Hi @Dips_Patel and welcome.

I was going to suggest the same as @thomas… However, you say you’re already using root. Which is odd because I don’t think I’ve come across this issue before. By the very definition, root should be able to do anything.

After installing MySQL, the next recommended step is to run sudo mysql_secure_installation which sets up your root password and some other security options. Did you do this?

No I don’t believe I did. I have been using your Setup Magento from scratch tutorial. If it’s in there I must have missed it out. I will be working on this again in a few hours. Will try what you have suggested then and will let you guys know how I get on.

Really appreciate your help Thomas and Craig.

Many thanks

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Install MySQL [27:34]

I am not getting the prompt for the password for MySQL after the installation and before running the security script. Is this what is causing the issue?