Can we filter simple products?

As the title suggests, is it possible to filter simple product on the frontend? e.g.
I created a product (T shirt) with attribute color (brown), so now can I filter this product on the frontend? or Only configurable products can be filtered?

Yes it is.

Assuming “color” = brown is an attribute (swatch,dropdown,multiselect) check attributes details. Filterable with results is the option you looking for.

but for me it doesn’t work. instead i am redirected to a new page with only “Filter” written and url is as ( even though the attribute color is enabled for filter with results and is a swatch.

Do a general check up…
Enabled Categories, Visible, Product assigned to categories? Only one Filter? others working? You have luma theme enabled? your theme allow swatch filters?

I am using Claue theme.

  • Yes products are assigned to the categories
  • Yes, other filter such as filter by category is working when Anchor set to No. But if anchor is set to Yes, then same issue persists with the filter by category too. If i disable the anchor on child category (for color), then the filter by color option disappears from the filter menu.

Claue has great support… best solution for you is to ask them.

Maybe is a Smile/Elasticsearch issue, or a theme issue

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