Can you preview the full email templates?

I’m working on email templates and I’d like to see them how they look. I know that I can review them using the M admin panel but it isn’t great. I’d like them to be sent to me so I can see them in detail, header, footer, email title, and such. I have my M installed on Oracle VM, plus Amasty SMTP but for some reason, I’m not getting any emails. I thought that using the SMTP plugin it should work even on VM. Correct me if I’m wrong and give me some tips.

Thank you.

Good question. Not to my knowledge. The only way I know is by previewing the body in the Marketing > Emails section. Other than that, it’s the good old fashioned way of creating a customer why my email address and triggering actions to send the emails.

As for being on a VM, I don’t think that has any bearing on whether your email works so long as you’re using a 3rd party email provider.

Hi Craig,

I installed Amasty SMTP module and config. it with my gmail account. I already received a few order confirmations which is good.

Thank you.