Cannot login to backend after updating Base URL

Hi Craig, hi guys,

I have just replaced my server ip address with my domain name and I can’t log in back to the site :confused:

The site is loading nicely showing the domain name in the browser bar but I can’t access the admin panel.

Please advise.



I created a new users via ssh and I can access the site parrked on the domaine.
Strangly I coun’t acceess the site with my credentials for the server IP address.

Maybe this is normal procedure to create new users for a dmoaine name and users for server IP address won’t work any more.

Anyway I fixted it.
Please coment the post when you find time so I know a bit more.
Thank you.


It’s typical that after changing your Base URL that your cookies get confused. A good way to test these scenarios is attempting to log in using your browser Incognito. If it works, they clear your cookies.

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your prompt reply and I hope are are better.
I tried to use incognito but it didn’t help.

I just created new users instead. It is working now but i spotted that magento don’t send me pasword remingers. I leave it for now and revisit it in the future.


Thanks - I’m getting there slowly. Maybe back on my feet in a few weeks.

I can’t say I’ve ever come across an issue where updating the Base URL effected users logging in (aside from the cookies tip I mentioned). And I’ve had to update Base URLs quite a few times when I setup Dev Servers for my team (e.g., If you ever look into it again, please keep me posted on what you find.