Change Attributes moving from M1 to M2

Hi Craig

when I first started with Magento, I finally worked out how to create configurable products and they worked well.

Now after going through your course about Magento 2, we are looking to upgrade.

Our main products are Silky Saws from Japan. After working through your course, I see that I didn’t think enough about the way to set up the configurable products.

For each of the different saws we have that are configurable, I set up separate attributes and attribute sets.

I now see that I should have set up a complete set of attributes for the saws and then used those same attributes in separate attribute sets for the various saws. This should then make comparisons a lot easier for clients when they want to choose which saw to purchase.

Google link to list in progress of the attributes that apply to the saws.

How would you go about changing the attributes and attribute sets if you were going to upgrade the site to magento 2

It is a two store multi-site. and

Thanks for all your effort and information so far.

regards Rick

Hi @rick,

Planning your Attributes/Sets is an extremely important part of the building processes as it lays the foundations to your site. However, it’s often overlooked due to its underestimated importance. I remember working on am old M1 site long ago. And part of an ongoing project was to redo most of the attributes because they were all thrown together at the time it was built. Hopefully, I’ll never need to do that again. Anyway, to answer your question…

Attribute Sets
Looking at your data, I don’t think it would be necessary to create Attribute Sets based on different saw types. Mostly because there are a lot of cross-overs for the values - Therefore creating unnecessary work for yourself. So I would just create an Attribute Set called “Saws” and throw all of the attributes under that.

Attribute Types
In terms of your Attribute Types, it looks like most of your options would be Multiple Select. See example here. Having this setup should help immeasurably when creating Product Variables for your Configurable Products. However, the process may require some fine-tuning.

Attribute Scopes
Having a multi-store shouldn’t affect how you set up your attributes, unless something varies per site such as Name or Price (for example). So, I’d set the Scope of everything else to Global.

I’m not sure if you saw the Let’s Build series I did with Configurable Products, but it might be worth watching Episodes 01, 08, 09 & 10.

Not sure if this answers your question or even helps?

Hi Craig,

thanks for the input. I thought it was going to be a big job. Will go through what you have suggested and come up with more questions I am sure.

thanks again Rick

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