Change URL .. Sitemap URL SSL HELP?

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Soon we are going live! I have a site today for ex called
that I built before in

Now I have produced a new site in Magento 2 under the URL .So if I enter into that domain, the site is LIVE but no one knows about tht URL so its not like public / no on will find it.

This Magento 2 website are going to be used on the real URL
Now when we are soon launching this, what are the important steps to think of to solve it with the URLS?

I mean, I want to start checking the sitemap to Google works fine and SSL certificates. I want to do it now before we change URL…but how to do this. I guess there must be “unwritten rules” of how to implement a new site parallel to a existing one (without interrupting the existing one)

Hm…Feeling little bit confused on where to start and I need your eyes and brain here. Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s a lot to think about when replacing your existing website. I’ll come back to you on this when I have some more time to put into my answer.

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Hi @digitalstartup
I would love the feedback on this topic. Thanks

So, because Wix and Magento have different URL structures you won’t be able to do anything “simple” per se. I had the same issue when I migrated this website away from Wordpress.

What you’re essentially going to need to do is create Apache URL Redirects for each of the pages. This will account for any existing backlinks that you may already have or if you get a lot of organic traffic from Search Engines.

Personally, I didn’t bother redirecting every link. Instead, I used the Google Search Console to determine my highest traffic pages and only focused on them.

The following tools will help with redirects:

And then over time you can work on replacing any old URL references you come across.

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