Changing Http to Https internal server error


I got two questions:
the first, when I try to change my “Use Secure URLs in Admin” for no to yes I get an internal server error and I have to change it back manually via the CLI. Is there a fix for this behavior?
My second question is, how do I change the main URL so that on the frond end it shows up with HTTPS. When I change to that right now I get a “You installed Httpd(Apache) correctly”, while on the HTTP it shows the magento luma site.

I hope I have provided enough information if you need more hit me up.

This sounds like you may not have configured your web server to handle SSL connections via port 443. Incoming connections to port 443 need to point to your Magento root directory just like your port 8080 setup. There are tones of references on Google for this.

Once 443/SSL is configured correctly, you enable SSL (HTTPS) via Stores > Configuration > General > Web > Base URLs (Secture) > Use Secure URLs on Storefront