Check component dependency and PHP memory error

Hi Craig, hi everybody,

if this problem has been solved already I am sorry about it, but I tried many things I read here and there.

The problem is shown below:

I already set the memory limit at 2G both via the terminal and Editor INI MultiPHP (on Cpanel).

Is there anything else I need to do? The message says to restart the web server, is there anything special I have to do other than just log out from Magento and log back in?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!! I wrote this same post in another topic but it was a very old one, I don’t know if that was the correct procedure, so here I am creating a new topic.

Having read all of the posts on the forum, I don’t think many people are using cPanel. It adds a lot of “mystery” to the web server, which complicates debugging unless you really know it.

1. Global Apache Settings
Having said that, it looks like you’re updating your vhost environment. Also, when updating your global settings, nothing changes until you restart Apache.

2. Local Apache Settings
Also, your local .htaccess overrides global settings. So you still need to update that file in your Magento root directory. This post will confirm how to update your local Apache settings via the .htaccess file (Web Setup Wizard cannot pass: "Check Component Dependency").

3. Verifying your Apache Settings
You will also find this post very useful for confirming what settings you have active: PHP Troubleshooting (How to find important information). It’ll show you how to create a phpinfo.php file so that you can verify your settings are correct.


  1. Restart Apache for your Global changes to take affect
  2. Update local Apache settings via the .htaccess file (ref post)
  3. Verify Apache settings are correct by viewing the phpinfo.php file (ref post)

If 1 or 2 have no affect on the output in 3, then you’ll need to consult this forum, as this is might then be a cPanel query.