CodesWholesale into Magento 2

Well, i’m a new user of Magento and i would like to setup a store to sell keys for games. I’ve found CodesWholesale to get codes from but the bad thing is that their plugin is not compatible with my version 2.3.2 installation.

So, i’m trying to understand how i can do it manually. I guess i have to import their games from the .csv file and then connect through API for automated actions like sending the codes to my customers. Is that right?

If yes what i would like to learn firstly is to import the .csv that has different column names from the sample. Here’s the columns of their .csv.

And here the documentation for their API CodesWholesale API

I would really appreciate any help.

Hi @NickMrg and welcome.

I just read up on their extension via the Magento Marketplace. I can see by the Release Note (changelog) that it doesn’t get much love from the developers. However, it does state that it’s compatible with Magento 2.2.

You could just just use Magento 2.2.9. It has the latest security updates contained in 2.3.2. So, there would be no harm in that and seems like the simplest, quickest and headache free solution to your problem.

If you didn’t want to do that, you could always reach out to their support team. After all, it’s in their best interest to update the extension.

I skimmed through their User Guide and it looks like their extension does much more that you’d ever hope to achieve with using a csv. For example, the API in their extensions seems to carry sales data, not just product and stock information.

As for building an inhouse API/Extension, I’m afraid that goes beyond my expertise. But perhaps someone else may be able to weigh in.

Thanks for replying Craig. So, i have a fresh install of Magento 2.2.9 following your guide for 2.3 but replacing php with version 7.1. All good but after i installed their plugin i get white blank screen in “Add Product” and CodesWholesale plugin configuration in admin panel. Any ideas to resolve that?

There is no way of truly giving you an answer, but instead I can tell you where to look to perform your own debugging investigation.

Typically, a blank page can be caused by an error occurring whilst the page was rendering. Therefore, the page doesn’t finish loading and you end up with a blank screen.

These issues can occur after making a change to Magento (e.g. installing, updating, removing a module).

Inspect Element

You should open Chrome Inspect Element (F12), select the Console tab and hit Refresh . The console will provide you with a hint as to why the page isn’t rendering correctly. Usually, it’ll be something to do with a JS file.

You probably won’t understand the issue. But the trick is to look for words and references that may point you in the right direction. Sometimes, this can be a line of code or a filename located in a folder.


Also, you should check your system.log and exception.log files in <Magento Root Directory>/log/. In theory, when you attempt to load the page an error will be printed to one of those files (which will be at the bottom of the file).

Follow the trail…

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