Configurable product bulk upload

My setup:

  1. Server dedicated to phone accessories (digitalocean)
  2. I setup the serves myself
  3. Ubuntu 16.04, Apache & PHP 7.2
  4. My setup is Magento 2.3

What I`m trying to do:
I´m trying to make a bulk upload of configurable products

What happened:
I make an export of the products I had in my server to see which categories I should include in the file and use it as a base to work with for the bulk upload, then to see if it works I add 3 new products to the file 1 configurable product and 2 simple and fill it with the characteristics they had, after this I download the file as a CSV and save it with UTF-8 encode, and then when I try to import it in Magento the next problem was displayed:
Column configurable_variations: Invalid option value for attribute “cobertura” in row(s): 3

Here is how the column of configurable_variations is:

I have been trying different things but I can´t find the problem, I would appreciate if someone could help me with this.


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