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Hi Guys,

I’m building a site with site with tiles. we have a multiple manufactor that has different series, each serie has different sizes of tiles and colors and different sku code by color. Also the boxing of the tiles are different. let’s take a size 60x60cm has 3 tiles in a box with a total sqm of 1,44 m2 and a weight for a box and a different amount of boxes on a pallet. Also the prices are different by color and size.

We want to have one serie with 5 colors in 3 different sizes and when you select the size the system must automatic change the volume and amount of tiles and price.

Do you have any idea how we can make a bulk import ??


@ajm You might want to consider using the API to bring in something like this. You probably have a source of data that changes all the time. If you set it up to read the source of the data (maybe an ERP system), and then using the API you update the data in Magento, you will have fresh data all the time.

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