Created a droplet but didn't get an email for username and password


I’m trying to set up a magento 2 website using the youtube guide. Right at the beginning it is mentioned that you get a username and password after the droplet is created but I didn’t.

How do I proceed please?


Hi @Lloyd and welcome

If you’re referring to Digital Ocean, the email is somewhat important as it contains:

  1. Your Servers IP Address
  2. Your Root Password to login via SSH

Luckily, you can still obtain this information quickly via the Digital Ocean Dashboard. Your Server IP Address is shown in your list of Droplets. And you can reset your Root Password under the Access menu when you have the Droplet selected.

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Raise a Support Ticket with Digital Ocean
  2. Destroy that Droplet and created a new one (as this only takes a couple of minutes)

Thank you for your help. I unfortunately couldn’t do anymore until today and have progressed further but I am stuck again.

  1. I could not access SSH window so have progressed via the console for the droplet- is that ok and if not what is the reason please? This is only really a test set up so it doesn’t matter if I have to restart.

  2. EDIT- Was using wrong password

EDIT 2- further to add I am at section 5.2 but it is struggling to load the back parts of the website (the front has no issue). It keeps disconnecting and bring an error screen up

Thank you


You could use the HTML/Web Console, but it’s a bit janky and slow. I wouldn’t recommend it if you can avoid it. If you’re struggling on something else, please raise a new post with an appropriate title and any extra information pertaining to the issue.