Creating a Maintenance page via Apache/Nginx vs Magento

What are the pros/cons of creating the maintenance page through xml or via the webserver? Is one way newer or used more than the other?

When you say “XML” or “webserver”, are you referring to things like 502 error messages and whether they should be served via Apache2 or Magento?

I’ve noticed that there are two methods for creating the maintenance page…

  2. How to Customise the Maintenance Mode Page in Magento 2

I prefer your method (#2) as the video is very easy to follow and implement. Just wondering if this method is still valid… Also can we use the fancy files?

Method #1 is very bare-bones and what I would refer to as a “traditional” way to setup custom 40x and 50x pages in Apache - Regardless of what web applications you are running.

Because both methods are served via Apache, they both have the same flexibility. So yes, you could style pages that way too. The only reason either method wouldn’t work is if Apache was offline. Then you’d get a “this website could not be reached” error in your browser instead.

To the best of my knowledge, nothing has changed with Magento pub/errors/, so #2 should still be valid.

Thanks Craig, will be using the method outlined in your video. Can I use the “fancy” layout?

I just edited the default/503.phtml file and added few lines. and for the title, I edited it in processor.php file.

@digitalstartup thank you fo the video, this custom page was on my mind, but I was keeping it for the very last day until I saw this post and your video.

If you want to, it doesn’t really make a difference i guess.

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