Creating a multi dimensional product

  1. Dedicated Server at Digitalocean
  2. I setup the server myself
  3. Ubuntu 16.04, Apache & PHP 7.2
  4. Magento 2.3.2

Hello I am new to the Magento community and I was curious to know if there is a possible way to create a multidimensional product with changing SKUs to reflect it.

For example I have a parent product but I need many values for length, width, and height. Any leads and or information would be extremely helpful!

Yes it is possible. Using attributes the same principle like with colours, sizes.
Product A SKU ABC - length - 1000mm x width 500mm x height 350mm
Product B SKU XYZ - length - 800mm x width 500mm x height 350mm
Product C SKU TRU - length - 500mm x width 500mm x height 350mm
and so on…

You can create as many variations as you wish.

Should you requere further info pls let me know.


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Hi @zachholmes and welcome.

Have a look at Configurable Products. You start off with a “Master” product and then you can assign multiple Product Attributes to it (e.g. length, width, height).

If you install the Magento 2 Sample Data, you’ll see some Configurable Products already setup for a range of clothing items. It should help you achieve your goal. Currently, I don’t have any tutorials on Configurable Products though :confused:

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