Custom CMS pages leading to custom menus?

Hi all,
I am a product manager leading a development team. We currently own 500 stores that all have a website with webshop. The websites all show a standard set of CMS pages, accessible via the top menu. In addition, our stores can request additional custom CMS pages specifically for their store. The migration of all of these pages to Magento 2 already was troubling. Now my developers also tell me that in Magento 2, we have to create custom menus per store in order to show their custom pages. I am really not looking forward to maintaining an additional 500 menus on top of already having to maintain close to 5000 custom pages ;). I would love to hear if you guys have any smart ideas on NOT having to create custom menus per store (and yes, I am aware that the easiest one would be to stop offering custom options… but looking for a more tech savvy solution to the problem instead of a strategic one :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot already in advance for your time and energy, I am really grateful for any reactions.

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