Custom shipment per vendor


I have an issue to find a custom shipping extension.

My primary problem to be solved would be that I have products that I’m reselling and each original seller has different shipping methods. I would like to add shipping methods according to seller.

Do you know a good solution?


Hi @giigleweb,

I primarily use Shipping Matrix by Mageside. You can build a matrix of various Methods, Fees and Rules… But you can also associate Products to Shipping Groups. You can make the matrix is complicated or as simple as you like.

Optimize your shipping experience. Mageside’s Shipping Matrix Rates provides every order with easy, fast, and perfectly calculated shipping options.

  • No coding is required to change prices, add rates
  • Set special Magento® shipping rates for a certain group of products, customer group
  • Zip-code based filtering
  • Rates calculation based on a number of criteria
  • Make additional shipping price calculations