Customer choose to use vat/tax number on checkout


i am not so experienced with magento 2 so i have some questions about possibilities and maybe some pointers.

i want customers (guest or logged in) to be able to choose to buy in wholesale and at that point to be able to give their tax number, company name etc.

also when buying in wholesale the tax % should be equivalent to 0. Which i know could be done with customer groups, but how do i implement that in the checkout?

is this possible and if so how could I implement this?

any info would be much appreciated.
this forum and your videos have helped me very much, and thank you for this!

thank you in advance,
Nikk. (Sorry if this is the wrong category)

You’d set specific TAX rates for customer groups. Obviously, this would rely on your customers already having an account at the checkout the is set to their specific group.

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