Customized product package with 5, 10, 15 items

Hi, I am working on my Magento 2 project and looking for a solution (3rd Party extension) for customized product packages. I am offering 21 items. Every item should be added separately.

Three packages:

  • Package A (5 items)
  • Package B (10 items)
  • Package C (15 items)

Customers can choose one of the packages with 5, 10 or 15 items and should be able to add 5, 10 or 15 of 21 items to their package.

Customer A choose Package B (10 items). After he clicked on the package, he´s able to choose 10 of 21 items. If he´s selecting less than 10 items - there will be an error message.

Could anybody help me out how I can create these kind of packages in Magento 2?

Thanks a lot!

Best, D.

Unless I’m not understanding correctly… It would seem that you could achieve this by using a Bundle Product.

Yes, the bundle product type would do his job but I can´t set a minimum or maximum amount of items, right?

Is there an example website out there that already does what you’re after? It would be easier for me to envision what you need to do if I could see it in action.

Yes, here the link to the extension -->

The Christmas Gift Hamper for example!

Sorry for late reply. Happy New Year :tada:

Oh, I see what you’re getting at. I can’t say I’ve ever stumbled into an extension like this before as I’ve never needed something like that.

I’ve just had a look through the sites I normally get my extensions from and I don’t see anything similar to this I’m afraid. Why don’t you use this one?

Hi, no worries :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t3:

Wish you also all the best for 2020 :fireworks:

Yes, I will give it a try. Thanks for your feedback.

One more question. Do you know an extension for delivery appointment scheduling - so customers can choose their date for the delivery?


Thank you. We ended up building something in-house to fit our business. However, we did initially look at using:

They seemed ok but didn’t quite fit what we were after. If you purchase anything, consider using these Affiliate Links/Discount Codes to support Digital Startup

Hi Craig, thank you very much for your recommendations.

For our case we are looking for a more advanced order scheduling extension. The customer should be able to schedule each item in his order.

Do you know a order scheduling extension with this functions?

Thank you very much for your support.

Greeting from Austria,

Afraid not. This definitely sounds like something that you’d have to get developed from scratch. However, if you do find an off-the-shelf solution do let us know.

Yes, think so too! Do you know someone who´s familiar with this kind of tasks?


I did know a guy, but I think he’s moved away from freelance work now. My only other recommendation for M2 development right now (due to experience) is Amasty. However, they are a bit pricey. If you find someone any good, do let me know as I’m always looking out for good developers to give work to.

Alright, thanks for your help - highly appreciated!

I gonna purchase the Store Pickup with Locator extension from Amasty. I couldn´t find any discount code on your side. Do you have one?


Sorry, I don’t have an Amasty one :frowning:

Hello @dmkwke,

If you want to purchase store Pickup with Locator extension & Delivery date with an amazing discount you can go Magento 2 Delivery Date