Developing with PhpStorm


Are you familliar with PHPStorm?
I wanted to learn PHP and recently played with the soft.
I read that it is possible to work localy and deploy changing to production enviroment. Both locak and hosting enviroment can be pre-configured, it has built in console, regular commands can be saved.

Have you ever used it?


Yes, I’m using it right now. There’s a lot to it. I doubt I’m using even 10% of the features. I highly recommend to anyone thinking of developing code. Albeit, I’m probably not the right person to ask for all the settings and stuff.

Oh come on any knowlade is better than no knowladge.
Share it :slight_smile:

Even basics. Of cource if you have time.
I tired to look for some setting and how to start using it with magento on youtube but no much luck.


I’ll have to remind myself how to get a project setup and synced. I’ll leave some notes in here when I do.

Great thank you very much.

Hi Craig,

I took me some time to get my head around PHPStorm.
I configured connection under tools/developement configuration.
Here I named my server and added my server credencials (Oracle VM credensials and my Magento root path) then I mapped my local path to my PhpStormProjects directory.

Finally, I went to my local project and with the right clicked found deployment and downloaded my files from my server. Now I’m guessing I can work localy and if Im happy I can deploy changes to the server.

All good but how can I preview my changes before I deploy the changes to the life enviroment. In my case Oracle MW. I think that how this should work.
Can you give me some tips on how to do it?

I realy like the soft. Almost all in one. No need to play with puty, notepad++, filezilla.
I know that it is possible to create shortcuts for frequently used console commands like bin/magento c:f, bin/magneto c:c, and so on under settings/tools/remote SSH External Tools.

I still don’t get it how to properly configure them. If you know please share your knowladge.
This would be very useful.

It is quite useful to create Life Templates. I went to file/edit/editor and under Life templates I added a group Magento 2 and inthis group I added 2 teplates: module.xml and registration.php so i can use them if needed.

Please add more tips on how this soft could be used better.
Thank you.


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I’m so sorry that I didn’t get around to this video. It’s been on a “TODO” post-it note for months now :worried: I will still get around to it someday though, so we can at least compare notes. Please, keep bugging me.

Having said that, I’ve not come across “Life Templates” before so I think you’ll end up knowing more than me at some point soon.

Hi Craig,

I prepared a few screen dumps to show how to do Live templates.
I hope that pictographic language will be sufficient.

I dressed it only with a bit of text.

I found how to do in on Max Pronko youtube channel.
It might be helpful for you guys.

I still don’t know how to configure and save in PhpStrom regularly used console commands and how to preview changes from my local environment before I deploy them to the server.

A PhpStorm step by step tutorial would be great. I can find bits and pieces on different sites and youtube and try to put it together but in most cases guys teaching are pro or semi-pro and I miss basics.


Thank you. I’ll dig into it this week and have a play to see what I pick up.

Some more screenshots. You might find them useful.


Guys, I don’t know how to configure the php sniff code

Please contribute, give some tips on how to configure php_code_snifffer and in general how to use this powerful tool.
Thank you.

Quick heads up. Haven’t forgotten about going over this. It’s just that my setup closely integrates projects that I have a NDA with. Therefore, I can’t record anything unless I set up everything from scratch (so nothing gets shown that I don’t want) - Which is a bit of a hassle until I find time to set this up.

Hi Craig,

Take your time :slight_smile: