Developing with PhpStorm


Are you familliar with PHPStorm?
I wanted to learn PHP and recently played with the soft.
I read that it is possible to work localy and deploy changing to production enviroment. Both locak and hosting enviroment can be pre-configured, it has built in console, regular commands can be saved.

Have you ever used it?


Yes, I’m using it right now. There’s a lot to it. I doubt I’m using even 10% of the features. I highly recommend to anyone thinking of developing code. Albeit, I’m probably not the right person to ask for all the settings and stuff.

Oh come on any knowlade is better than no knowladge.
Share it :slight_smile:

Even basics. Of cource if you have time.
I tired to look for some setting and how to start using it with magento on youtube but no much luck.


I’ll have to remind myself how to get a project setup and synced. I’ll leave some notes in here when I do.

Great thank you very much.