Di:Compile Problem

Having a few issues today, this morning I was setting up the new theme I just installed it was working fine and then suddenly the backened stalled and the JS crashed, so i had text only but everything else was broken. So i was trying to correct it starting by static deploy all fine and then with `bin/magento setup:di:compile but it just loads to 14% then stops no error message or anything. Kicks me out with a new command line. So i switch from Production to Developer and try running to the same bin/magento setup:di:compile command to see if i get an error flag. Nope nothing again. I get back to production mode by skipping the compile, but obviously nothing fixed.

The frontend of the site loads fine, but now if i got to the admin I just end up in a re-direct loop and can’t do anything else.

I’m sorry its not much to go on, im trying to look for an error log somewhere for more info? im running 2.3.4

edit : i solved the loop by using this Magento Admin (Backend) redirect loop

Now im back in, the JS is still crashed and I still cant run di:compile

edit edit : okay i repaired the JS and everything so far is working fine apart from i still can’t get the di:compile to run, im in developer mode and it gives me no error message, nothing just an empty command line

Hey @Adz,

Apologies for letting this port slip through the net. Do you still require assistance or did you resolve this yourself?


No worries, no I haven’t solved it but I’ve also had a couple of problems with my new theme. The theme developer is repairing/sorting it (slowly) so im hoping its related and they fix it along the way. If they don’t I may require a little pointing in the right the direction as im a bit stumped I was about to start disabling modules 1 by 1 to see if one of those is the cause? Anyway hopefully they fix it.


Nothing wrong with the good old fashioned disabling of modules. Although, I’d say it’s better to disable all and activate one at a time. The reverse method can result in misleading results if 2 extensions are to blame.