Edit basket options

Hi Craig and co,

I don’t know where to ask or start, but l am looking at doing an ecommerce website for fitted kitchens and bedrooms.

I do have a screen shot of an existing website that I could upload to illustrate what I mean.

With most websites, you can manually edit each item individually, but with this website I have seen, it offers you the ability to amend the “range” or “cabinet colour” globally, without having to edit each item individually, hence saving the potential customer time in seeking prices and placing a final order.

Is this a feature that can be added to Magento with the addition of an existing extension or with custom development? The ability to also be able to move an item up or down within the basket would be nice.

with thanks Phil

Hi @bigphil and welcome.

I think I know what you mean. Feel free to update your post with the URL of the site, in the format of example[.]com.

It’s likely however, that you’d be looking to outsource this project for development. A lot of “niche” features in websites don’t tend to be “off the shelf” due to the development costs. For example, if I spend thousands on a bespoke project then I have an agreement in place that I don’t find the very thing I commissioned for 1/10th price on the open market 6 weeks later.

But yes, you can achieve anything with enough time and money so it’s not unfeasible to get this up and running on your site.

Hi Craig,
thanks for the reply,
attached below is a screenshot of the website mentioned previously.

The image is a grouped product on Magento 1 - could be a start or give you some ideas

Yeah, it is kind of what I thought you were after. Unfortunately, I haven’t wondered across anything that would do this “off the shelf”. Albeit, I’ve never looked out for it. If you’re unable to find a quick-win solution, drop me a PM and I’ll refer a Magento Development Agency that you can get in touch for a quote.