Exclude columns from import

Hi All,

I am currently setting up my first Magneto store with the help of this website, it is very useful, I can’t thank the author (Craig) enough.

However, I would like to know if the following is possible. I want to create a master spreadsheet on Google docs that includes all the standard import fields for products but I would like to add custom columns that will be excluded from the import process. An example would be product cost or profit percentage.

The objective is to make one document with product data to be uploaded and also data that should not be uploaded. So i could manage everything from a single excel.

Anyone know if that is possible?


Hi @Casey and welcome4

I like your thought process (workflow). Unfortunately, I don’t believe it is possible for Magento to omit columns from anything you import. Assuming that there is a 3rd party solution out there, it would be worth looking at the Improved Import & Export by Firebear Studio. It’s the “goto” module on the market to enhance the Import/Export in Magento 2, but it’s quite pricey.


Thanks for your response. Today I am hoping to test an option which I believe will work based on some comments you made in another video. :slight_smile:

So I decided to make multiple Google sheets based on product type. The idea being, should an import or update wrong, it only impacts them products and using the delete option to quickly recovery from the error seems to work nicely. (A replicated development environment would be perfect, however that will have to wait) By using the smaller product sheets, I create another tab on the sheet and then simply copy and paste the fields required to the second tab. Then I can add extra data and still import the products easily just by updating and exporting the product tab. Should it work, it only shows the information for them products, but hopefully it saves money on third party extensions until they are really required.

Once again, thanks for your all articles and videos, they are great help!

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