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Evening all,

we have a webstore currently (not for long at all) with ekm. We’re looking to move the store from them to a Magento based store with another un-managed hosting company where I’ll be responsible for everything to do with how the page looks.

Its taken an age to get the pages exactly how we want them, so I’m at the point where I have my own HTML pages coded for our site, however is it possible to embed them on top of magento 2.3 so that the design is completely our own and not the defaults of Magento Blank or Luma?

Hi @iptsoe and welcome.

I’m afraid the bad news is that you’re going to need to rebuild them. Magento Frontend Development is completely “modular”. It’s a giant leap forward compared to what traditional web design looks like for your average CMS.

However, this makes it a real challenge to work with if you’ve never used the technology/methodology before. But the overall result leads to better optimisation and compatibility. It took me the best part of a year (on and off) to get my head around the basics.

The idea behind Blank/Luma is to reverse engineer it for your own purpose and build on top of it. This Official Magento U Course is supposed to make a great starting point. You should also check out the Official Frontend Developer Guide. I’d love to jump into this myself if my full-time job was just Frontend Development because I think I’d enjoy learning it. However, development isn’t really what I do.

Magento 2 Frontend Development is a highly sought-after skill. So, it’s one of those things that you could get certified for and charge a decent amount if you really wanted to get into it.

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Thank you Craig, it looks like I’ve a steep learning curve ahead of me!!

Also thank you for what you do, and your tutorials, without them I think that we would be on the verge of closing down the site for good

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