Extension Manager error

Hi Craig, hi guys,

I’ve just spotted this error shown on the extension manager section.

Can you please give me a tip on how to fix it and what it is related to?
Yesterday everything was fine here. From what I remember I didn’t change anything.

In the past, I had some errors here but they were related to newly installed modules and I only had to add some data like composer url, username and password to var/composer home/auth.json

Give me a hand with this guys, please.
Thank you in advance.


I’m not sure, but based on the message I would suspect their is an issue on the Repositories end (packagist) and not yours. And this is terminating the request to load the rest of the data you need to load the page. If this is the case, then it’s worthy of reporting a bug to Magento because a bad repository should crash the page. Might be worth checking again in 24 hours.

Hi Craig,

I figured it out what is causing the error.
It happened when I replaced my server IP with my domanine name.

I restored my snapshots from a few days ago and tried to replicate the issue step by step. I stated with replacing my ip and the we go :confused:

As I found what is causing it have you got a clue how to fix it?


That’s odd. As I mentioned, I’ve changed Base URL many times and I’ve not had that issue occur afterwards. Maybe try to update your Magento Keys in the Web Setup Wizard?


Magento is playing with me. Now everything is OK :slight_smile:

Thank you for replying.


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