Giving SSH access to extension developer

Hi all

I’m experiencing an issue with one of my extensions and the extension wants SSH access to troubleshoot. It’s not one of the big “name” companies, meaning not on Craig’s list of extension providers with the coupon codes. All of my other (very few) extensions come from “name” companies. Like everyone else here, having worked hard to develop my Magento shop, I’m a bit concerned about giving SSH access to them in case they change/delete something accidentally. But I can’t see a workaround. The only other alternative is to buy a different extension.

What are your experiences with this?


I found I had to do this quite a bit, and normally root access to the server.

We have the root user is normally disabled by default for SSH, and also have a “developer” login for the back-end of Magento as well.

If somebody needs access for extension import etc then we just enable root SSH login ( this is in one of Craig’s videos) and enable the backend login also until they have finished.

We also have a daily backup of the system, so if anything bad happens, nothing is lost and we can revert if needed

Thanks for your thoughts. In the end, the extension started to behave again without developer getting involved. Bizzare!

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