Having Major Troubles After Updating

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been following many of the videos on YouTube and feel like this is a good place to visit. The videos are brilliant by the way. I had an old Magento 1 website and decided to try myself as best I could to create a Magento 2 website.

I am in need of some Magento support and probably mental support the month I’ve had. :slight_smile:

Ok so it’s a long story of many weeks of issues and I’ll try to make it as short and concise as possible.

I created a Magento 2 website. When I started the current version at the time was 2.3.2. Everything was setup and working fine apart from one thing. There was an issue where some (not all) customer accounts would not get past the checkout address area. There would be a message along the lines of ‘address failed to save’

I did some reason search and found out that it was a known bug in Magento and that it would be fixed in version 2.3.4.

I am a complete novice so will try my best to try things but I also have a developer that helps me out.

My developer upgraded Magento to 2.3.4 and it broke the site. There are two main things that happened. Number one is that none of the products were showing on the front end as options. So all the products were there to see but you couldn’t choose any of the options to actually add to cart. It was all blank. The other issue was the I could not login to the admin area properly. So I could get past the login screen but then it just stays on the loading circle forever and nothing loads in the middle. All of the buttons show but none are clickable.

So we go back to version 2.3.2 with a restore and it’s now doing the same. So I basically can’t log in and have an unusable website.

In between all this there’s been various restores and deployments done. Nothing has worked.

I’m more than happy to pay for some help as I needed it sorted a month ago and am at breaking point as I can’t take orders any more or invoice customers.

Please help!

Kind Regards,

Hi @pgbrown007 and welcome.

Thank you for the positive comment and apologies for the delay in response.

Some questions to help build a better picture:

  • Is this a store where the database has been migrated or did you start from scratch?
  • Is this a fairly “clean” install of are you using a bunch of third party modules?
  • Are you testing all of these changes in a Development environment or straight in Production?

I’ve seen a couple of instances where Admins were unable to login, which were down to different reasons. What exactly happens when you try to log in? For example:

  • Perhaps you see an error message
  • Perhaps there’s no error message and the page just refreshes
  • Or maybe something else?


Thanks you for the reply @digitalstartup (Craig)

Firstly your response was a good time! I am sorry for the delay in my response to you and logging back online. I have now sorted the issue I was having. I am now having a checkout issue where the payment methods are not showing correctly. I am currently investigating as to whether PHP is the issue.

Do you offer any paid services that I can take advantge of to help me get this working? I’d prefer to use you because you talk to people in a respectful way, know what you’re talking about and are located in the UK like me. If you would offer a paid Magento service to help me please could you PM me.

If this then is beneficial to anyone else you can use it on a video or on the website. All hints and tips are welcome when starting off.

Kind Regards

Thank you for the positive comment. Currently, I’m not taking on any additional work as there simply isn’t enough hours in the day. But I do plan to continue with the videos move forward.