Hosting Recommendations based in the UK

Looking for some recommendations.

I’ve been building my new company website on Cloud Ways using Magento 2.3.4 with Infinit theme and have around 30K products as we sell workwear clothing. We also have M2ePro installed for connecting our eBay store to the backend of our site.

I’ve hit a brick wall with there support find them very unhelpful when it comes to fixing any issues on the server and find some tickets are never answered.

I’m looking to see if any one has any recommendations for a good host we are based in the UK.

Hi @Chris_Puxty and welcome.

Before I continue, you might find the following conversations of interest:

I hear what you’re saying, Cloudways is kind of a hybrid host that caters for both Hosting and a little bit of Magento Troubleshooting. Albeit, I feel like they rely a lot on their automated scripts and tools.

If we’re talking about an Enterprise Grade Web Host, then my recommendation would be to have a conversation with Rackspace. I’ve been a customer of theirs for about 4 years across 2 businesses. You’ll pay “enterprise” prices, but you’ll get “enterprise” level service. But ultimately, I’m happy to pay these kind of prices because I know I can sleep soundly at night.

Obviously, rates will depend on your business needs - So I won’t be sharing any numbers. What I can tell you though is that 4 years ago when I first spoke to a representative, I’ve not had any complaints. They even put me on a conference-call with a couple of engineers to help work out what I needed and when I needed it.

I don’t talk much about Rackspace though, as many of the budgets I see are <£100 p/m. I wouldn’t bother browsing the website as most of it is all jargon. You’re best off thinking about questions and concerns you have and then hitting them up on Chat or Email - Which will then probably lead to a callback and a proper conversation.