Sizing your Server with 50000SKU

Does anybody know how to size the server size for a Magento Store. I am looking at 50,000 SKU for one one store.

I’m not sure you’ll get an entirely decent answer here. Plus, there are other variables to take into account. For example, storing the data in the Database is one thing but dealing with data requests and edits is another altogether.

Personally, if I was tasked to size a server then I’d speak to a Web Host Representative to find out what I’d need. They usually ask questions about the data you need to hold, how much data you’ll need to transfer and your average monthly session count.

What you might find, is that a Cloud Server would be best as most providers run a service which adapts the server specifications based on the amount of demand it’s receiving. After several months you’ll get a better idea of what you’d need long-term. That would be a better option than renting a dedicated server. But that’s just my opinion

Thank you Craig. I appreciate all the help and the quick responses you have been giving us. I plan to start small, monitor and scale up when necessary.