How do I backup my database?

Hey Craig…!
How do I backup my database?
Thing I have tried and got failed***

  1. Logged-in to PHPMyAdmin>user>Export - Failed❌
  2. Magento>Store>Config>Advanced>System>With Enabled Backup - Failed❌
  3. After functionality_enabled 1>bin/magento setup:backup --code --db - Succeeded​:heavy_check_mark: But Sad thing happened while Rollback​:x::pensive:

Help me with this dood.

Hi @Winson_Joseph and welcome.

There are many ways to backup your Magento Database:

  1. In the backend select System > Backups
  2. From the Command Line Interface run the following command from the Magento root directory as the magento user: bin/magento setup:backup --db
  3. From the Command Line Interface using the mysqldump feature (reference)

I wouldn’t do it via phpMyAdmin though. Large Databases normally result in phpMyAdmin timing out. Option 1 or 2 would normally be my goto.

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