How do you enter weight for postage in grams

I am weighing all items that we sell, weight is 11g up to about 600g.

Up to 1 kilo postage rate 1 Royal Mail.
1 kilo and 2 postage rate 2 Royal Mail.
Over 2 kilo will be postage rate 3 TNT.

Should weight be entered as fractions of a kilo?

0.014 and 0.600 entering all this on Excel spreadsheet from Sage 50 Accounts product record.


I have solved it - thanks

Found answer on Sage website.

Hi @Frank and welcome.

I assume you’ve resolved this question by now. But just to clarify, all weight values (for KG) should be set as a fractional value

Weight Value
10kg 10
1kg 1
600g 0.60
500g 0.50
50g 0.05
11g 0.011

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