How register Supro template in main domain when you working in subdomain

Do anyone had some issue after buying a template in registration process?
That’s my case, I bought a theme for my magento 2.3.5 in Envato Market, it’s call Supro theme and I get one year maintenance with the hope of true maintenance.
After install by myself was time for register, but they asking for resister in the, and I’m developing/set-up my magento in my until all it’s setup
Do anyone have idea how I can I can solve this issue?

Should I copy my magento locally in my laptop set a MAMP, configure php, etc… make running locally change setting to and then register ?
It seams a joke!!! From ArrowHiTech support only said that Supro theme must register in the main domain. Great support ironically… I don’t known how to explain you again, you must register in the main domain. Thanks for the bucle…

Finally ArrowHiTech give the choice to register two times, once in the development subdomain and later in production with my main domain.

About the link I read it before wrote the post, but I still not clear.
Thank you, Craig you can close the post, it’s solved.

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