How sequential retargeting rescues your sinking Facebook ad funnel

Sequential retargeting aids in creating customized ad campaign interaction for your customer base. However, this is some advanced level dark arts right here and, quite frankly:

If you are not operating out of this place, you might as well be lost in the mix of failed startups & marketing jobs.

A significant amount of capital, time and effort goes into ads only to end up as waste.

Sequential retargeting is an ideal way to ensure ad spending follows through constructively. Check out how storytelling is done right through sequential advertisement led to genuine success on Facebook.

This article is here to guide those who dare step into the thrilling world of sequential retargeting to optimize their Facebook advertising funnel.

Follow this 10-part definitive guide to become a true master.

1. What is sequential advertising?

This is an easy-to-follow idea:

  • A series of ads are shown across several devices to find you wherever you might be!
  • A distinct order is followed in this broadcast
  • The ad copy is unique and builds on the previous one to then nudge the following in a progressive way. Therefore, learn how to make optimum Facebook ad content to ensure sequential retargeting works

2. What is ad retargeting?

Now, you are required to be a little methodical in the way you pilot this machine. Here’s what retargeting does:

  • Control the sequence in which the ads run
  • Place ads one after the other for users who have already seen a particular ad and can now be shown a new one

3. Ready, set, go! – when to go for ad retargeting

Moving forward you want to be more specific in hitting your targets, yes? Let’s do this:

  • You have been painting with broad brushstrokes but here you want to narrow it down to those who have had engagement with your content before
  • Continue this funnelling assembly line as you surgically target people who are likely to transform into conversions, be it a real purchase or visit your site, and eventually generate revenue

4. Sequential retargeting: why the force is strong with this one

But it is only ads, right?

We see ads so much we have grown accustomed to almost ignoring they are there.

How can one expect to stand out when our species collectively decided to ghost you?

It is not so much the how, which we will get to soon, but the why behind the power of sequential targeting of Facebook advertisement:

  1. It functions as a total boredom killer. It constantly puts up new and refreshing content to keep you engaged
  2. The sequence can lure in the customer with step-by-step attractions such as your trustworthiness based on your numerous five-star ratings, discounts, special offers, inviting return policy and so much more

5. Your pocket called and asked to feed it some money with ad scheduling

A successful campaign is on its way to bring some much-needed attention to your business but when will your customers see you?

  • Ad scheduling helps book the ad for optimum user exposure
  • Be creative and smart about it. For example, do not promote your Olympics jersey sales campaign during the off seasons.

Source: Facebook

  • Now, zero in for the kill and run the ad few hours before the event. If it’s a hotdog eating cheat book, you want to put it out there couple hours before the local hotdog eating the competition. Of course, start a few days beforehand, but definitely, concentrate the promotion in the final hours

6. When to go for Facebook sequential advertising?

What are you still doing on the platform? The train is leaving. Forget chasing after it, strap on your jetpack and leave your digital marketing competition in a trail of dust.

  1. An ideal time to use this method is just before you gear up CTA tactics
  2. But first, go for sequential ads if your copy cannot sum up your product or service in one go. Some are just plain complicated. How would you promote, say, your own local CRISPR facility? The reader here probably has to clue what it is and would need additional literature to understand it. The same way, some ads must be present themselves at helpful intervals to hit the nail on the head
  3. Conduct a sequential when you want to strengthen your blog posts and email outreach with ads which target what your potential customer is looking for

7. Tutorial done. Show me how to do sequential advertising

Okay, okay, don’t be pushy now. We will go down this route through a couple stages.

Stage 1: Tug at those heartstrings

  1. You want to draw your crown in by offering what they truly seek.

Source: PageWiz

Mirror, mirror, on the wall—

  1. You should have the answer even before the user finishes the question.

If someone is looking for Tango classes then it is natural, and rapidly, to come across—

Looking to bond with your daughter? Auburn Valley’s father-daughter Tango Night Tuesdays is here to guide you down the path to owning the dance floor. Limited seats available. Click now to register!

  1. Go to video ads for optimum engagement. The clicks should be rewarding to make sure there is enough gold in the copy in the form of:
  • A blog
  • A guide(s)
  • Podcast
  • Reading/listening material
  • Threads etc.

Stage 2: What do I get in exchange?

Alright, you are so close now to making the conversion. Stay in the pocket.

Source: PageWiz

  1. The would-be customer is now looking to check the benefits. Besides, giving out that information, ensure your copy stands out from the rest of the crowd.
  2. Use examples to make your point. An image or a video of your coffee shop serving some celebrities over the years make your spot unmissable.
  3. Such benefits should guide your customer to a landing page or those exciting lead magnets.

Stage 3: Couple more how-to baby steps

Hey! You made it thus far. It is quite the feat. Let’s no mess up.

  1. Right now, the customer will want to know exactly how to join this enterprise of yours. Find out ways to best guide them to your particular product.
  2. A lot of the times imagery showing a person filling out a form or holding one of your products gives them a sense of where they are heading.
  3. Incorporate webinar, informative text, infographics (if you do these, you are butchering your infographic) images and videos to get your instructional points across as they click the ad.
  4. Do not try to make an additional sale. Or, waste time with an unnecessary copy. Be straightforward since you want the conversion to happen as soon and as confusion-free as possible.

Stage 4: Make the sale in the most personable way there is

Ask yourself, you have gone through this sequence of rather compelling ads which magically seem tailored just for you. But:

  1. We would still feel a lot more confident and reassured if some testimonials were available. Do not put up negative reviews, course. But just because you do not show them does not mean you ditch it. You should always be armed to handle negative reviews constructively.
  2. Customers see reviews and testimonials as the ultimate mind changer.
  3. It has to be for the better, of course. Compile your best, unedited reviews and put them up to drive conversions
  4. Besides, the happy customers aside, involve us in your story. The click here could also lead us to interviews with key people in your team, your success story, case studies, webinar or even a personal call with you!

8. A practical case study to inspire sequential ads

You want to see this put to practice to see exactly how this works. Although this article has indicated sequential retargeting is the elite level advertising technique for real success in today’s world—

There is no reason to be alarmed and think you need to win the Triwizard Tournament from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to master this.

Here’s Facebook showing how to make sequential retargeting work :

As mentioned earlier in this article Facebook conducted tests to analyze sequential retargeting. Their Ads Research Manager, Neha Bhargava applied the following funnel-based approached:

  • The first phase called “Meet the Brand” would be a brand’s introduction to the market. This phase occurs no matter if the brand is new to the market or an established brand

Source: Facebook

  • The next phase, “The Teaser,” would feature a product-focused ad

Source: Facebook

  • The third and final phase, “The Hook,” would feature a call-to-action ad

Source: Facebook

9. But how do I know it’s going well? | Metrics of success

Simply put, regardless of how unique your niche is and how varied and broad success is in your world, you cannot deny—

  1. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is the ultimate gatekeeper.
  2. Okay, maybe it is a little binary to only narrow it down to that. If you are just starting off with a limited budget, at least, check how many clicked through the ads, visited the landing, found the product page and clicked & checked out the product.

It is a multi-step success story and takes time, of course. Be sure to enjoy each rung of the ladder. The path to realizing your dreams is overwhelmingly important and should be absorbed fully.

10. Never turn down useful tips | Lifesavers

Before you hurry along to apply these methods—

  • Here are some quick reminds to advise you along the way:
  • Sculpt your copy and the overall ad so that your brand awareness remains ever present and not lost in the promotion of the product & its nature
  • Test out various types of copy to see which one sticks
  • Be creative and original for it’s rewarded in sequential retargeting
  • Utilize videos
  • Again, broad brushstrokes over here might be needed; it is useful to stand back and check how it all looks. Aesthetic sense says a lot about the personality and mindset of your business
  • Sliders/carousels give the user a solid selection before moving on to the CTA

You are all set to go. Do your research on the world at large and your business. Experiment and figure out what works for you and let the storm of Facebook advertising funnel sweep you off into cloud nine.