How to apply SEO

Hi there,
Where do I start with SEO on my site. I’ve read so many articles on the internet and to be honest it is mind blowing.
Are you planning any SE tutorials Craig?
Does anyone know how to find someone to do it for for me without getting ripped off. How much should I be paying?


Hi Andy,

Are you talking about optimising Magento or general seo?

GTmetrix is always a good place to start or a more basic version with helpful hints is Silktide.

Both are a free first port of call.

Good luck!

Also have a look at Screaming Frog.

Hi Andy,

I have a small store. It is a small hobby but it makes money.

You see your question is not easy to answer. It can be 10s or 100s thousands of pounds.
It depends on your products, the number of your products and keyphrases you will be competing with others.

Also, it depends how much you are willing to do: on-page - keyphrase research, meta titles, headers, descriptions, alt text images, ulr optimizations; off-page link building, social media, Magento/server optimization, site speed load, PWA and such.

I personally did keyword research for myself using and then approached a company called to write products, page description. I only provided them with keyphrases I want them to use within the text. From what I remember they charge only 4p per word. I can highly recommend the company. They deliver high quality, unique not scrapped content withing 24-48h.
URLs, meta title alt image text also did by myself.

With regards to the linkbuilding, we used a company called linkology. They boosted our traffic pretty quickly for certain not very competitive keywords but we quickly run out of cash and not we aren’t growing anymore. They wrote for us quality articles and published them on high DA pages using guest blog posts technique. This should be still OK. They don’t use website built only for manipulating google signal. They are not cheap. I mean they were expensive for my wallet :frowning:

Guys, please give us tips on how and who builds links for your stores. I know that this can be extremely expensive.

I hope that it is useful. It is worth to try copify.


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Hey @GiftedFox. Are you after General Tips of Magento Settings Tips?

I have a video penciled in that covers the latter. There are some settings that can be configured to improve SEO (mostly that avoids duplicate content). These are the types of things I’ll be covering as opposed to general SEO.