How to check modules for updates

One of the things I haven’t really been able to find is how to check for updates on third party extensions through composer. Is this even possible or am I stuck manually checking these and updating individually via compose per the instruction on each 3rd party module? I kept extension to a very minimum, but there are still probably about 6. Almost all of which backend related.

I saw the information here about checking module/extension versions composer status, which is very handy.

Checking Composer Modules for Available Updates

Obviously, the following only work for modules installed via Composer… But everyone should be using composer now anyway. Albeit, I understand there is the odd exception where some vendors only make their products downloadable via a zip file.

composer update

The following command can show you what will be updated if you run:

composer update --dry-run

Obviously, this will check all modules… But you could do this one-by-one with:

composer update vendor/module --dry-run

composer outdated (Preferred)

The following shows a list of installed modules that have updates available:

composer outdated
Colour Meaning
Green Dependency is in the latest version and is up to date.
Yellow Dependency has a new version available that includes backwards compatibility breaks according to semver, so upgrade when you can but it may involve work.
Red Dependency has a new version that is semver-compatible and you should upgrade it.

composer show

And if you want to see what versions of something you currently have installed then you can run:

composer show -l

Or for a specific module then you can use the grep tool and the name of the thing you’re after such as:

composer show | grep modulename


A gold mine of information. I do not know how I didn’t see this information in the documentation.

Running composer outdated, I see almost all magento “modules” are “outdated” I would assume these are managed during magento updates and should be left alone?? I wasn’t expecting to see just about everything on the list “outdated”.

I’m not familiar with “semver” other than what I just googled, but it seems it is a versioning that states it is compatible with magento based on that information.

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Exactly, yes. Just focus on the one you installed yourself.

Perfect! Thank you very much.