How to enable Varnish

How can I enable Varnish?

I’m afraid you don’t just “enable” Varnish. You have to reconfigure your web server. Varnish doesn’t actually have SSL support directly. So, you will need to install Nginx and use it as a reverse proxy. This topic is beyond the scope of this community, I’m afraid.

However, an excellent starting point would be to work through the Official Magento Documentation (Configure and use Varnish).

Personally, I don’t use it. I had such a terrible time of it on Magento 1. Frankly, unless you plan to expect 5,000+ unique visits a day then I don’t think you’d see any benefits.

Can you do a redis tutorial?

I’ve got that one penciled in for this month.

thank you very much
I sent you a theme I bought at Discor. I prompted him when installing him. The SQL data has errors. I don’t know what is going on.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying/asking.

Hi guys,

I’ve taken a few things off my plate and I found something new to play with :slight_smile: - Varnish
I did a bit of reading and from what I can see it is possible to install Varnish with Apache, Ubuntu 16.04 and Pound as SSL termination.

I’ve just tried it. It didn’t work for me but usually, nothing works for me when I do it for the first time.
The instruction is crear-ish for me. I’m not a programmer or a native English speaker so I could of omit something but I clearly can’t find


file in the following directory

ref. to the point 8th Install and configure Varnish

“Now we need to change Apache listening port from 80 to 8080. To do that, open the Apache ports configuration file and change it as follows:”


The article is from 28/09/17 so I’m guessing things could change especially Magento version and its structure.

Pls give me a tip


My environment: M v2.3.1, Ubuntu 16.04, Apache, hosting: DigitalOcean,

In the article you linked, it refers to creating the magento.conf file in section 7. I’ve not read the article though.

Hi Craig,

Thank you.

I’ll try again.