How to setup a web server (and install Magento 2)

If you would like to learn how to install Magento, you might find the below resources useful. They show you how to create a Ubuntu Web Server from scratch and then install a clean copy of Magento 2.

How to create a web server for Magento 2.2 (OLD)

How to upgrade Magento 2.2 to 2.3 (NEW) :star2:

How to create a web server for Magento 2.3 (NEW) :star2:

I have two questions
1- why the performance is too slow
Note : I installed it on VMware ESXI 6.7
2- How to publish the magento via fortigate firewall
Note : I tried to publish it as any web app or web server but for example if the local ip is and I assigned Real IP via fortigate but when I try to open the real ip I got the url like this

Hello @Ibrahim_Hegazi and welcome.

Check that your server has the minimum recommended specifications to act as a Web Server and run Magento. If you do, then work through this article: Why is Magento 2 so slow? 12 EASY Tips to make Magento 2 faster

I don’t understand the question. Don’t forget, you can’t just reassign an IP or domain name without updating the Base URLs in the Magento configuration. So, if the Public IP is then the Base URL needs to say that too.

Thank you so much once I update the the Base URLs in the Magento configuration works very well

Hi Craig,

I have installed Magento 2.3 as I followed your tutorial on youtube. I did not had any errors whatso

My question is, where do u see the source code?


@Petar, the “source code” is everything contained within the Magento root directory. Typically, that is /var/www/html/ but not everyone has their server setup the same.