How to unistall a theme from Magento 2


Whats the best way to uninstall a theme from Magento 2? I had look a the Magento docs but it made my head spin a bit.

Any help appreciated,


Ok, i thought I had uninstalled the theme and went ahead with installing the new theme, but now I am getting error message when setting magento to new theme

Something went wrong while saving this configuration: Unable to load theme by specified key: ‘4’

Ok i worked out I had basically done a bad job at removing the old theme and Magento was still looking for it. Deleted theme with the value of ‘4’ from the database and that sorted it.

(I have deleted a lot of files today from my Magento, not for the faint of heart, im amazed anything still works)

Yes, I made the mistake once of just thinking I could deleted the theme folder, but then everything broke. I learned since (like yourself) that you also need to uninstall by removing the reference from the database (Ref: