I'm being kicked off admin panel quite frequently - Magento admin session time


Magento kicks me off my admin pannel quite frequently. Sometimes every minute.
It is very annoying. I don’t share my credentials with anyone and they are very strong so it is less likely that someone guessed them/hacked and M kicks me off cos someone is logging using the same user name. My admin session lifetime is set to 1h.

Can you please give me a tip on where to look for?
Thank you.

Mag 2.3.5-p1, DigitalOcen server, (SSL GoDaddy - I don’t think if matters but wanted to clarify it),

I believe this is related to Redis Sessions. Just flush the Redis cache

redis-cli FLUSHALL

Anyone logged in will be kicked out, but it’ll solve your problem. I get the problem like twice a year. Not sure what causes it. Some config file probably just needs tweaking.

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