Image size in 2.3 - increasing 1200px

Hi Craig,

This question is about the Product Image Size on the site. Meaning the individual product image size. Like this one that I attach into this topic, the base image.

Right now the maximum height is 1200px in my site. But the photos I want to upload are 1800px (width) x 2600 px (height).

For a long time the maximum height has been 1200px in the 2.3. So when I upload my images 1800px x 2600px they are downsized to 1200px-

But then I heard and read that you can change that and increase it up to what it seems to be 3000px. This is a feature I REALLY need on my site.
Here are some discussions about it:

Please advise, do you know how to make the site accept larger height and width of the images?


Hello Maria,
Isn’t it just a matter of changing the settings as described here:

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