Import bulk products

Hello my friend. With Magento can I migrate massively from my own MySql database to the Magento database, for example products, categories, clients, etc? Thanks for the help you give us to the developer community that we are learning Magento.

Hi @MiltonOna and welcome.

Can you clarify your question. Do you mean migrate data from one Magento Database to another Magento Database?

Hi Craig, thanks for answering

The database that stores my products and categories is not Magento, it is an accounting administrative system that I use to generate my invoices. That MySql database is installed on linux centos 7

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Ah, that’s going to be difficult. You can import almost anything into Magento… However, you’ll need to manually export your existing DB to CSV and organise it first - So that Magento understands the headers and what you’re trying to import. It’ll be very labour intensive but do-able for sure.

The Official Magento Documentation is a good starting point to read. You can also export example CSV files from the Magento backend under: System > Import > Entity Type (e.g. Products) > Download File Sample

Dear friend, thanks for answering

I understand, I will follow your suggestion.

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