Import stage is throwing errors

I’ve been following the video Tutorials. however, now that I’m at the import stage I’m getting errors and getting blocked at this stage.
From searching around in the topics before I found the below video that explains the permission issues

I have followed the link and I seem to have everything as explained in the video. but I’m still getting the error below

I’m not really sure what am I doing wrong here anymore as I believe I checked all the folder permissions/group

Could you please help me identify the issue? Thanks.

This may simply be a bad entry in your image field (within your csv) as opposed to an actual Permission issue. If you’re still struggling, please share your import csv or screenshot it.

Hi Greg I tried to upload the csv file but it seems the site doesn’t allow me to share the file format.

The images show the image fields.

Apologies for getting back late on this… I didn’t notice you have answered my question !

Could you upload the Error Report that’s generated when you attempt to import a csv… I’ve whitelisted csv files now.

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