Install Magento 2.4

I’ve followed the tutorial to install Magento 2.4 and as the video used 4GB Digital Ocean Droplet with Ubuntu following the commands specific to my instance from the article.
I’ve had success and can access the home page but when I log in to admin I have an issue with the 2FA and am notified that ‘Failed to send the message. Please contact the administrator’.

I’m assuming that the email address is the one given in the setup:install details? but am unsure where I can check that this is correct?
I’ve also as the instructions checked my spam inbox and this is empty.
Any thoughts to what I should try next?
Many thanks, Eddie

Hi @Eddie_Fisher and welcome.

After completing the installation and seeing:

Failed to send the message. Please contact the administrator

Would mean that the email was definitely not sent, regardless of whether the email was correct or not.

This would be me my debugging process:

  1. Go back over the PostFix steps to ensure that it is installed and configured correctly
  2. Open the following outbound ports in the firewall: 25, 465 and 587 (long shot)

Chances are that it was something overlooked during the installation process. As I’ve been unable to reproduce this issue after following my own tutorial during testing.

The only way I know to check what details you have on record (without access to Magento backend) is to access the admin_user table in phpMyAdmin.

Finally, yes you can disable the 2FA module to circumvent this issue - Like so many people are suggesting online. However, there is nothing to learn from going down that route.

Hi Craig
Thanks for your reply and tutorials.

I’ve gone back over the PostFix steps and that seems ok.
With the mentioned outbound ports open that hasn’t worked either.

I’ll go through the installation process again.

Good luck. Let me know how you get on.

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