Installing existing Magento 2 Project (

Hello guys,

Me and my team are struggling install existing existing Magento project through git.
I’ve imported the database.
I’ve populated the vendor file with composer install.
Added the env.php with correct db credentials.
Ran the classic commands setup:upgrade, di:compile, static-content:deploy etc…
But I still land on the Magento Install page on the frontend.
Do I have to run a setup:install ? I think setup:install is clearing caches, installing all modules setups in the database then generate the env.php file right ? If someone could also tell me what this command exactly does ? That would really help me thanks.

One last thing, we’re installing our project on right now and are struggling, so if anyone got experience with this, it would be really helpful.

Technical informations : Magento 2.3.1 / PHP 7.2 / MariaDB 10.2

That’s it folks, thanks for your time ! :smile:

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