Is it possible to import attribute values?

Hi there,
Does any one know if it possible to import the attribute values into a specific product attribute instead of having to manually input each value?

For example :

In the product attribut “color” i would like to import 50 different colours.

Normally i would go to stores>Attributes>Product>color and add the options Black, Blue, Red etc in the field manually.

Is it possible to import these values?

I need to do this before i import my products so that the values match…

Any solution?


I don’t believe there is an “out-the-box” solution for this. I’ve had to enter long lists of Attribute Values many times myself but had to resort to quickly Copy/Pasting values :confused:

Thanks for the quick reply Craig and for the bad news :joy:

From what i can find there is surely a way with PhpmyAdmin but that would be playing with fire for myself.

Looks like i’ll stick with copying and pasting…!

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