Issue with Attributes and CSVs on M2

I’ll be brief:

M2.3.2, I set up a couple of attributes, and accidentally used title case capital letters in the attribute code. (Magento allowed me, it didn’t moan when I did it - a bug?)

Using import/export via CSV, I uploaded 600+ products, alot using the attributes. Uploading the CSV would generate errors relating to the attribute columns.

I have now created new attributes which are named differently to the wrong ones, and the wrong ones have been deleted in the Magento backend.


Old attributes are still appearing on export CSVs, and the new attributes aren’t. Any thoughts please as to how to cure this?

Thanks in advance.


Make sure to backup database before run this command.

php bin/magento catalog:product:attributes:cleanup

This command removes unused product attributes from your database.

Also check your attribute sets.

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Hello. Unfortunately this has not sorted it. I ran the command, reindexed and flushed all cache, downloaded a fresh CSV and the attributes are still showing. There are 3: Delivery_Destination, Design, Size. All 3 have been deleted with Magento, however when searching my database for those words, they still appear within: the following tables: MGXV_QUEUE_MESSAGE, MGXV_UI_BOOKMARK and MGXV_MAGENTO_OPERATION.


Do you have Redis installed on the server?

SELECT * FROM `MGXV_eav_attribute` WHERE attribute_code='delivery_destination`;

Please check if you can find any records from this table.

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Thanks Thomas. I spoke to our hosting this morning, and they repaired the SQL tables which (touchwood) seem to have cured the issue.

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That’s fantastic to hear!