Layered Navigation - Magento 2.4.3. Remove custom code, bring Luma to original state

Good Morning to Everybody,

I started a project to change my store’s theme. After a lot of consideration I thought that the easiest way to do it is to transfer my current live site to a new instance and remove the old theme and extensions in order to keep my attributes and product details intact.
Today after 2 days I manage to have a clean mysql and server folders and everything with one main problem.

The problem: Layer navigation doesn’t filter the products. Filters are active but not calling the products.
I remember when we setup claue theme we had the opposite issue, their plugin didn’t call products and they edited the code to make it work.

My question is: could you please tell me how I can return it to original state? Or if it is more simple, let me know from which files or folders i need to bring in original state.

The issue is here:

here is when i press GREEN stones Only: the filter is on but the products are not filtered

Thanks a lot,

Hello again,
I set up a new server with vanilla magento instance and migrated my pub/media and mysql database. The result is what I want to get my default server to. Everything working, luma theme clean, products, attributes, pictures and categories are in place but the issue with the filters exists!!
This makes me more skeptical cause magento files are new. Any idea of where we have to look?

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